Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I Became a skater over summer vacation and can already do many tricks. I can 180, almost 360, kickflip, ollie, and manual/nose manual. Since skateboarding is really fun for me, I took a peice of wood, and made it into a ramp. My board is awesome, and I can turn really well with it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Runescape awesomenes

I am now level 27 in runescape. I have full mithril armor and play mostly on PvP worlds which is Player vs Player. THat iswhen you battle other players. I lost my mithril mace in a PvP world, but I get good stuff like Mithril sq shields and adamant med helms.
I can wear druideic items and I want to know what the helmet with the wings on the top is called and priced. I also want to know how to make millions so I could get good items. Which one of them is the winged helmet thingy.............

The path

I am writing another story! THis one is called the path. It is all about a boy who works in the fields with his father. Then something happens one night. Let me show you a couple of sentences.

Xander ate his undercooked steak and then went into his room. Then he felt a rufh og cold air. He looked at his window and there was a shadowy figure with a bag of arrows strung across his back and a sword at his waist. The figure was wearing a black cloak.
Thanks... :p

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Legacy

I am writing a story about a boy who goes hunting and gets attatcked by a ogre called a cardan. It attacks Allet and sends him flying into a part of the woods he has never see before. Then he finds a egg. That night He finds out that the egg is cracking and it hatches into a baby dragon.
Here is a bit from my story...

At about 2 in the morning Alex woke up to the sound pf cracking. He sat up and noticed the egg was cracked and there was a small black dragon with 3 purple horns in front of him... This story might get published so you could read it all or comment me and tell me your e-mail and I will E-mail it to you........... :P

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Runescape Level Up

I am now level 22 on Runescape. I used to have 18k but I bought Mithril. 6k is my current total. I have silverlight and full silver armour. i can weild mithril and can use adamant pickaxes. My friend used to be level 21 but now is 40 something. He has runite and can wear runite. He can also almost weild dragon items. Please tell me where to get those items. My friend doesn't have armour. He just has the drudic mage hood, bottom, and top. He knows how to make alot of gold. Here is a method.By a runite 2 hander and keep on buying and selling it. It will get you gold fast.

Need 1k. No problem. Do the quest romeo and juliet. Also complete rune mysteries. get the rune essecense and turn them into water tasimalans by going to the fountain in front of the wizzards tower. Then do the silverlight quest. After that battle. On the way to the wizzards tower there is alot of goblins. Also you can get the gold. Then go to the white knights castle. Kill one and then go to the black knights castle and kill some. They drop black kites and are very good.

Told Ya!

Dragon Amulet

I play on a website called DragonFable. It is a website where you battle and buy armour for your character. Last night I got the Dragon Amulet. Now I have the chicken cow armour, chaiin cloak of the keep, sword of the amulet, sword of eye rule, and the deathknight helm. For all of those items you need a dragonamulet. I can now go anywhere and do any quest. I can also have te best armours and helms. I have 10510 gold. I am saving up for the shadow reaper of doom... I am a warrior and am level 15. I don't know when I am going to get the move, "Final" But I am working on it. I wish I was a rouge because of the dagger of the amulet... Too late now.... If you are a warrior you can't use daggers and staffs. You can but they are useless. Same goes fr mages and rouges.

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